Everyone taking part in any of the Group activities does so at their own risk.

We do not employ qualified guides, leaders or first aiders on any of our events. The group works on the same basis of being a group of friends who go out walking together, who invite others to join them on this basis. Walk organisers and event hosts assume no responsibility for anyone attending any group event. The Group, group organisers, walk organisers and event hosts will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss occurring as a result of any Group event.

When you join a walk or other event you attend as a guest, you indicate that you accept these conditions and accept that no legal liability is accepted by the group, group organisers, walk organisers or event hosts in the event of accident or injury, however caused.

Participants are responsible for assessing their own suitability to take part in any walk or event, the safety of themselves and their guests and the suitability of any equipment used.

The countryside code

Members of the group are expected to follow the countryside code, respect - protect - enjoy

Dogs are usually allowed on walks but please check with the individual walk leader. Dogs must be kept under close control at all times and on a lead where necessary or requested by the walk leader.

Leave gates and property as you find them.